Swordmage with a highly magical and dangerous weapon of doom.


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Tabull smells and intends to avenge the Bullywugs. His Terror Greatsword was passed down by his great-grandfather, Toadwug who was part of the epic war <insert> 50 years ago. The sword has slain hundreds of monsters, especially <some>. The Bullywugs didn’t win that war, but Tabull wanted to prove those back at the swamp that their kind can be strong warriors.

Back at home, a small suburbian city near Greenheart, Tabull has a younger sister named Tabulla, who is also quite rough in nature and enjoys listening to his adventures. Most Bullywugs do not live past 20, so Tabulla lives in a training school for future warriors.

Tabull also has his eyes set on a Bullywug girl, Smelderella. He is currently working on a trophy collection of all the creatures that he has ever slain to later impress Smelderella.


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