One of my horns is deformed, making it look very much like a Spoon, While I was born Pilathro, I have always been known as Spoony.

Always clean, well dressed, appears very proper.

Founding Member of the Highly exclusive (almost secret) Bardic Society, the Dawn Singers.

Always seems to be distracted, inspecting something or writing in my notebook.


I come from Sarlona, in the middle port of Dvaarnava. At least this is where I was raised. I am from everywhere and nowhere, never really having a home since I was a youngling. I always enjoyed and dreamed of the adventures and glory of the tales. I set out at a young age to collect more and more stories. Always traveling and never staying, I needed to find a way to make money that did not involve being stationary. I taught myself how to play many different instruments as well and sing, dance, and I became well versed in all forms of entertainment. That allowed me to eat once or twice a day and often find lodging in a barn or store-room.


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