First encountered by the party while attempting to clear out the King’s Forest of marauding highwaymen.

A member of the Bloodreaver Clan living in the depths beneath Thunderspire Mountain, Crithik was taken captive during one of his clan’s skirmishes with the human bandits aboveground. Possessing no sense of loyalty other than to himself, Crithik was quick to ally himself with the party upon their defeat of the highwaymen, and equally quick to sell out the location of his goblin brethren belowground.

Always willing to see the best in people, it was Appleseed who saw fit to arm Crithik with a mace and allow him to fight alongside the party, upon their entrance into the Chamber of Eyes – lair of the Bloodreavers. Unfortunately, Crithik’s helpful attitude, borne out of a newfound sense of wanting to do the right thing (or abject terror of Calibretto and Three), proved to be no match for his double-crossing goblin nature. He alerted the guards and turned on the party, lashing out viciously with his mace at Appleseed. He was annihilated by a stray blast of warlock’s fire a few moments later.


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