First encountered by the party during their visit to the Seven Pillared Hall of Thunderspire Mountain.

An expatriate drow that was caught on the losing side of a power struggle between factions in his home city, Gendar has taken up residence in the Seven Pillared Hall as a dealer in ancient curios and relics. Rather than risking life and limb to keep his shelves stocked, Gendar prefers to pay adventurers that stop by his store for any items of value they may have come across in their time spent among the ruins.

He contracted the party to seek out areas within the ruins containing undisturbed caches of minotaur relics, to restock his diminishing shelves. Always looking to turn a quick profit, Gendar seemed to take an interest in the party’s ongoing contract between Tazuul’s Antiquities of Sharn, and Hani’s fledgling trade company.


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