First encountered by the party during their visit to the Seven Pillared Hall under Thunderspire Mountain.

Brugg leads the enforcers that work for the Mages of Saruun, though to hear him tell it, he’s the one in charge of the place. In addition to keeping the peace, collecting protection money, and acting as muscle for the mages, Brugg keeps an eye out for new arrivals who might upset the balance of affairs in the Hall. He is usually found drinking at either Rothar’s Taproom or the Halfmoon Inn, where he met the greatest challenge of his life in Three and Calibretto.

Taking advantage of his dim-witted ogre nature, Three and Calibretto challenged Brugg to a drinking contest after claiming to be the ‘best drinkers in the Underdark’. To the incredulous Brugg, he needed no further excuse to get completely sauced, forgetting for a moment that the dragonborn people are known for their great fortitude, or that warforged do not even eat or drink. When Brugg awoke several hours later, Calibretto assured him that the results of the contest had been a three-way tie.

Since then, Brugg has considered both Three and Calibretto to be his friends…and perhaps men deserving of careful respect.


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