Rendil Halfmoon


First encountered by the party while exploring the ruins beneath Thunderspire Mountain.

Cocky and good-natured, Rendil and his aunt Erra Halfmoon run the Halfmoon Inn of the Seven Pillared Hall. Rendil’s frustration with the increasing hostile activity by the Bloodreaver Clan – and the seeming indifference of the Mages of Saruun – led him to take matters into his own hands, and began to follow the goblins’ movements through the ruins. Before being rescued by the party, Rendil had been caught by the Bloodreavers while snooping around their hideout, the Chamber of Eyes.

Using Rendil’s maps of the area, the party was able to successfully locate and wipe out the remaining Bloodreavers from the ruins beneath Thunderspire. The Halfmoons were grateful enough to provide the party with a variety of tonics and elixers to aid them in their adventures, as well as free food and accommodations anytime they visit the Seven Pillared Hall.

Rendil Halfmoon

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