Within Sorrow's Tear

Chapters 2.1 - 2.4

Within Sorrow’s Tear

  • Skybridge Ambush
  • Tazuul’s Antiquities
  • Information gathering: Jace Faraday, Dezina Museum
  • Sannid’s: charity banquet for Morgrave University
  • Breaking into the museum
  • Attacked by Xen’Drik Tribesmen
  • History Lesson: The Last War
  • War Council
  • The Vanguard’s Assault
  • War Council: Espionage, Traps, Votto’s Speech
  • Defense of the Plateau
  • War Council: Appleseed’s Titan, Lady Rynn’s Mission
  • Overtaking the Weapons Convoy
  • The Mourning
  • Negotiations with the Ka’resh Tribe
  • Levels 3 – 4
  • Runic Leather Armor +1
  • Sunblade Scimitar +1
  • Primary
    • Recover the ‘stolen’ artifact. (Tazuul, Sharn)
    • Obtain the magical weapons cache. (Lady Rynn, Sorrow’s Tear)


jacefaraday jacefaraday

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