Whispers of the Abyss

Chapter 3.8

Whispers of the Abyss

  • On the trail of Votto
  • Shrine to Baphomet
  • Trials of the Restless Dead
  • 2300 Total this session (460 each)
  • 8440 / 10000 until level 7

In attendance: Appleseed, Shalduan, Spoony, Tabull, Votto

Following the trail left by Votto’s captors, the party finds themselves standing before an ancient temple that towers above the minotaur ruins. As they cautiously make their way through the interior they discover traces of recent combat, and the body count only increases as they continue onward.

In a room strewn about with dead gnolls – their throats neatly slit by precision bladework – the party sees the familiar form of Votto, lying prone on the floor. As they approach, a quiet voice hails them from the darkness of the room: “You aren’t here to hurt…Fralben are you?”

Votto comes to, explaining to the party his rescue by the drow elf ‘Shalduan’, and that the drow is under the impression that Votto is a subordinate of his named ‘Fralben’. Following Shalduan’s lead through the temple complex, they swiftly eliminate a group of tieflings and a demonically warped Gnoll priestess, obtaining a strange tome titled, “The Book of Wrath Unveiled,” which radiates powerful magical energy.

Continuing onward into the temple, the party is repeatedly accosted by ghostly minotaur spirits and nightmarish visions that threaten their sanity, though their newfound drow companion remains oddly undisturbed. Appleseed speculates on the presence of such apparitions, and the possibility of a weak boundary here between the other planes. They come across a group of spirits who call themselves the Restless Dead, that offer aid to the party – should they prove themselves worthy.

Impressed by Tabull’s gruesome trophies from their fight with a monstrous carrion crawler, and judging the party members to be both good of heart and keenly insightful, they agree to help the party. Referring to the area as the ‘Proving Grounds’ for ancient Baphomet acolytes, the ghostly figures begin to impart their knowledge of the area to the party.


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