The Search for the Missing Slaves

Chapter 3.7

The Search for the Missing Slaves

  • Meeting Tabull / Carrion Crawler Ambush
  • Boneyard / Elder Carrion Crawler
  • Terrlen Darkseeker’s Campsite
  • Rothar’s Taproom Live Performance
  • A Mysterious Note / Votto’s Disappearance
  • 3547 Total this session (709 each)
  • 7980 / 10000 until level 7
  • Tangler, Boots of Eagerness, Handy Haversack, Netherdark Light Shield

In attendance: Appleseed, Calibretto, Spoony, Tabull, Votto

After clearing out the Duergar of the Horned Hold, the party’s search for the missing slaves leads them straight into the lair of an enormous carrion crawler. Though they suffer many wounds in the process, they are able to slay the beast with the aid of a traveling bullywug swordmage named ‘Tabull’.

Although they find the remains of the Duergar that fled the Hold, they uncover no leads as to the whereabouts of the missing slaves. On their way back to the Seven Pillared Hall, the party meets up with Three who tells them that the villagers and the rest of the party were separated during an attack by carrion crawlers on their campsite.

The remaining party members head back into town to gather information, and Votto investigates a lead. Unbeknown to the party, the lead turns out to be an ambush and Votto is knocked unconscious by his assailants and dragged away from town. The rest of the party eventually discovers evidence of foul play, though Votto and his captors are long gone. Searching further beyond the outskirts of town, Appleseed and Spoony are able to pick up traces of magical energy in the air, and the party sets out in search of their gnome companion.


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